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Bonsai is a can be a challenging hobby to learn on your own. Horticulturally, bonsai need specialized care that differs from most other potted plants. Artistically, they come from an (at least) 1,400 year-old heritage. No one can know it all. No one can be an expert at every species, every established style. Books and the internet can only take you so far. Whether you are looking for long-term help to increase your bonsai skills or just want to attend a single meeting for a bit of advice, Four Seasons Bonsai Club is here to help.

Beginner Activites

Beginner workshops taught by experienced members & artists, demos, and annual “Bonsai Circus,” where you’ll learn the basics!

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Expert Resources

We have several members that are experts in different aspects of bonsai, different species and each is willing to share their advice. We are committed to being beginner-friendly but still delve into expert techniques.

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Annual Show

Experienced master, or just beginning, our annual bonsai show is something to behold!

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